1976 in computing

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1975 - 1977 was basically the birth of modern computing. I was born right in the middle of it all on February 3rd, 1976, the same day that Bill Gates wrote his famous letter to the homebrew computer club.

  • January - The popular computing periodical Dr. Dobb's Journal is first published.
  • February 3rd - Bill Gates writes his famous letter about software licensing to the Homebrew Computer Club
  • April 1st - Apple Computer releases its Apple I, the first true personal computer. One of the first Apple dealers was The Data Domain right here in Bloomington, which opened the month before the Apple's release.

Unknown dates

  • Bill Joy writes the vi editor.
  • Cray introduces its first supercomputer, the Cray-1
  • AT&T makes UNIX available for free to universities.
  • Development on TRIPOS begins, which was the OS that became AmigaOS.