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This is a chronological list of computer hardware that I've had experience with directly. Either through owning or by borrowing or working with. Starting from the earliest. Years shown are best estimate. Keep in mind I was born in 1976.

  • 1970s - My dad's HP Calculator with magstrip reader.
  • ~1976 - My dad's Casio CQ-1
  • 1979 - Atari 2600 - This would actually be the last game console I would own until I bought a Wii in 2008. I'm just not a console game kinda guy. I did rent a sega genesis a few times in the early 90s.
  • 1980 - Apple II at Leesburg Elementary School
  • 1981 - Vaguely remember going to computer show in Chicago (remember Byte Magazine booth)
  • 1982 - Various Atari 400 and 800s at Leesburg Elementary School
  • 1982 - Went to some computer show at Ft. Wayne Colosseum.
  • 1983 - My brother received a TRS-80 MC-10 mini as a christmas present. Used tape recorder for data storage.
  • June 1986 - My family bought a C-64 at the Target at Scottsdale Mall near South Bend
  • Late 1980s - My dad bought a Tandy PC-5 pocket computer.
  • 1989 - Loaned an Apple II from school for a project (WHY?)
  • Feb. 3rd, 1990 - Got an Amiga 2000 as a birthday present
  • ~1991 Sam's Club special Pionex/Goldstar 386
  • Jan. 1995 - Another Sam's Club special Pionex Pentium 90. I wanted the DEC Pentium 66MHz based system, but my dad insisted on this piece of crap due to the slightly better specs and included software. Sadly, this computer lasted long enough to be the first server used by Suso. I ended up modding the case in 1996 with concrete spec spray paint to give it a cooler look. This was also the last brand new pre-assembled desktop computer (not counting laptops or servers) I bought until 2009 when I bought a Mac Mini.
  • 1996 - I no longer lived with my parents after 1994, but my dad bought an HP that I had to support and use for many years.
  • May 1997 - Bought my first component assembled computer from TC computers online. I believe it was a Pentium 166MMX based system.
  • After 1997 its almost pointless to count because with Suso growing and my various endevors, I've probably bought 10 or more Intel based computers as desktops or laptops. And then of course there are the many servers I've worked with at various jobs. Maybe later I can expand this section out and count them, but a lot of going through e-mails for receipts will need to be done.
  • 2009 - Mac Mini for Suso. Believe it or not but I've never bought an Apple computer. I had owned a few old ones like the original Mac classic from the set of 60 computers I won in an IU auction, but that doesn't really count.