A series of objects to practice modeling

From SusoSight

Its not easy to model in 3d. You need practice and lots of it. You can't just open up a program and create a model airplane. You have to develop your creativity and slowly convince yourself that you can make anything.

Often I find its difficult to come up with ideas on what to try modeling to learn how to use a program like Blender, so I created this list. This list goes from generally easy objects and gradually becomes more challenging. The challenge is to make them all in order without any tutorials on how to make them. Use documentation to learn how to use your modeler of course, but you should develop your own process of thinking how objects are constructed.

For each item, start by modeling the object, then try to texture it or choose a material for it that looks realistic. Then place it in an appropriate scene. Some will be easy to model, but harder to texture. Just remember to think simple.

Model series

Simple start

Most of these are primitives, but you have to make primitives useful.

  • A sphere
The 4 different sphere types in Blender

  • A floor
Tile Floor using array modifier

  • Empty box
Or a full one

  • Table
Standard dining style table

Gold ring on marble floor

  • Vase
Blue vase with band

  • Plate
Asian 6-sided plate with chopsticks

  • Skyscraper (put it in a city scene with others)
A skyscraper inspired by the Sim City 4 icon

  • Simple tree (think green sphere on a stick)
  • Wine glass
Basic wine glass scene


  • House
A house influenced by Legos

  • A bucket with handle
Bucket full of soapy water

  • Apple
Apple still life

  • Orange
  • Portable music player
  • Toy car
  • Toy train and tracks
  • Pencil

Beyond the basics

Use your brain. Good modeling programs make these things easier than you think.

  • Hilly Landscape
  • Gear
  • Spoon
  • Fork
  • Toy Airplane


  • Dolphin
  • Bicycle
  • Boat
  • Grapes (on the vine)
  • Horn
A Contrabass Bugle


  • Face/Head
  • Trumpet
  • Realistic Tree