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Web sites I have created or worked on.

Can I get that icon in cornflower blue? - Fight Club

Bloomingpedia is a city wiki for the city of Bloomington, Indiana. It is one of the first city wikis on the Internet too. Now they are becoming pretty popular.

I was the leader of the Bloomington Linux Users Group for a few years.

In April of 2000, Scott Kellogg approached me about doing live music performances on the Internet. I told him about how I had experimented around with using Icecast previously to run a Internet radio station from my dorm. I had even made one of the first self updating playlists at the time. So we called our new radio station hIQ (pronouced Hi Cue) and started having weekly live performances as well as a 24/7 playlist.

Although I've had a personal page since August of 1996, SusoSight was incarnated in 1999, revised as more of a blog in 2002 and into a wiki hybrid kinda thing in 2007.

This site grew it's roots from a very poorly constructed webpage initially designed to hold some links to information about the webserver. It was originally created before the domain was even registered. The second incantation of the site introduced a new concept in web page design at the time called Side Scrolling Technology, which is just a very wide table. The latest incarnation of the site was a collaboration between Marina and I. We're looking to remake it again for Suso's 10th year.

My primordium opus. The first site I really would call a work. Created initially to help keep the information available on the Internet about this great composer up to date. It blossomed into a media library full of article transcriptions, audio/video files, newsgroup archive and much more. Building this site helped pave the way and inspire me to move into the dorms at Indiana University. It all started here.

Other sites that I can't show you

  • user database admin panel - A lot of good work went into the db design so that it could scale to hundreds of thousands of users and handle lots of special situations. There is even a table for what star system you are from. Hey, I was thinking of the future.
  • user control panel - This is what users see when they login to the web panel. Nearly all the off the shelf control panels out there suck. Mine isn't much better, but the main reason for writing my own is that Suso isn't cookie-cutter hosting. We have different requirements.
  • TSX - A 130,000+ line web application I worked on for the Navy when I was a contractor. It was a very sophisticated PHP based site that I wrote a couple modules for. And that's about all I can say about this. ;-)