Apartment shopping (was: And you thought your life was bad)

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Apartment shopping (was: And you thought your life was bad)
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Date created: 2002-07-22 05:46:36
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While looking for an apartment, I found this funny review of an apartment in Tacoma, WA.(no I'm not moving there I was just looking). I found it pretty interesting:

Title: "It makes me physically ill!"
My mom moved in there a while back after a little rough spot in her relationship. The rent was pretty cheap and the people in the office seemed nice. It looked ghetto from the beginning, but nothing could prepar me for the utter lack of human decency and sharp pangs of fear I got in my stomach when I had to walk outside after dark, not to mention the fear I had for my poor car. As if the fact that there were cockroaches constantly bombarding our kitchen wasn�t enough, after living there for about two weeks, we returned to find all of our electronic equiptment and other things stolen. After a furious encounter with those "nice" people in the office, and their threats of what they would do to us if we broke our lease, their solution was simply to move us up a story-like that would really help! Instead they put a dead bolt on our door. A week later we returned to find a freaking whole cut into our front door,(they are so cheap they have hollow front doors) through which they undid the dead bolt and proceeded to rob us blind again! In broad daylight! Our Mac computer was already in the box ready to go. Looks like the little thugs were planning to make a second trip! My mom moved out the next day, which just so happened to be the day there was a shooting spree that ended in death. So is you are looking for the most ghetto, skanky, gangbangin, crack selling, abusive place around, the West Side Estates are the place for you!

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