Break your habits once in a while.

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Break your habits once in a while.
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Date created: 2003-09-10 21:24:18
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Naturally, people tend to change their habits over time. For instance, you don't play with toys as much as you used too (maybe the toys are just different), you eat heathier foods or less healthier foods (depending on what stage you are in) and you probably have changed your TV watching habits over time, either more or less of it. Hopefully less given today's poor programming.

Every year or so I would recommend forcing a habit change in some way, it certainly shouldn't be all of your habits or a permanent change. Identify what habits you have in your life and which ones you've had for a while. Try to break or change an older habit that you feel the need to hold on too. In the end, it will make you feel less stressed and you will grow more aware of your environment.

For example, the last two weeks of August I had a break from school. I decided to take a week of vacation just for relaxation. I went golfing, played some computer games, watched some TV and drove around and explored a bit. This was quite a change for me given that all spring and summer I was on pretty much a Work/Study schedule. On Thursday of that week I stopped drinking soft drinks as much as I had. I was drinking about 2-4 cans of coke a day. Mainly at work to help me wake up in the morning. Ironically enough, when I stopped drinking coke altogether, I started sleeping better and wasn't tired at all in the morning or during the day. I also feel better overall. Since then, I've had only 3 cans in the past 3 weeks. Quite a change. It's been good.

Take this time right now on your own to identify some habits of your own and work on changing them. It might be something like not going to a website that you frequent 10 times a day or taking a different route to get to work or school in the morning.