Coffee ice cream

From SusoSight

If you know me well enough, you know that I love Coffee Ice Cream milkshakes. My mom first made one for me when I was 7 and I've been having them ever since. Realistically, I've probably had

  • 7-14: two a week average (8 years * 52 weeks * 2 = 832)
  • 15-18: four a week average (4 years * 52 weeks * 4 = 832)
  • 19-20: twice a month (UGH!) (2 years * 24 = 48)
  • 21-29: 6 a week (9 years * 52 * 6 = 2808)
  • 30: three a week average (3 * 52 = 156)
  • 31-33: once a week average = 52 * 3 = 156

Total: Approximately 4832 Coffee Ice Cream Milkshakes

Figuring approximately one half gallon of Breyer's Coffee Ice Cream makes 4 shakes, that's 1208 boxes or 604 gallons of ice cream. Costing around $4832 at average $4 per box.

Actually, it feels like I've had more than that. Oh well. Unfortunately, its starting to take a toll on my weight, so I've cut back to one a week. Now I don't take them for granted as much though.


  • Get a plastic glass
  • Get a long tea spoon for stiring
  • Scoop 4 full size scoops of ice cream into glass (or as much as it will hold). Do not mash too much.
  • Pour in 2% milk up to the same level as the ice cream.
  • Use tea spoon to slowly stir ice cream and milk together. DO NOT USE A BLENDER.
  • Put in a straw and you're done.


Coffee Ice Cream Monument
  • At my high school graduation party, I made pint size coffee milkshakes for everyone, I bought about 4 gallons for the event.
  • In 1999, a friend challenged me to save all my coffee ice cream boxes and make a monument. It took over a year and over 100 boxes, but I made a wall in my apartment of Breyer's Coffee Ice Cream boxes.
  • I usually offer any guests a coffee milkshake when they visit. Childhood friends usually began asking for one by habit.
  • I find that milkshakes taste best in a plastic cup. More like a tankard.
  • None of the Marsh Supermarkets in Bloomington have carried Breyer's Coffee Ice Cream in the time I've lived here despite repeated attempts. I have to buy it from Kroger's.
  • I have a penguin ice cream scooper.
  • The most shakes I've had in one day is 4.
  • The largest shake I've had was in a 100 ounce glass.


  • Barbra Streisand is known for having a love for Coffee Ice Cream.
  • Martha Stewart likes Coffee Ice Cream best.
  • Captain Kathryn Janeway orders a bowl of Coffee Ice Cream from the replicator in Star Trek Voyager (Persistence of Vision).

Coffee vs. Coffee Ice Cream

To me, Coffee Ice Cream and Coffee are different tastes. The ice cream is much tastier and doesn't have the aftertaste that coffee does, so if you don't like coffee, don't worry, I didn't either for a long time.

For most of my life I never actually drank coffee as a drink. I only can remember 3 times up until December of 2009 that I actually drank coffee. Each time I was turned off by it. In 1995 when I worked on a fishing boat in Alaska, I tried drinking some coffee early on in a run and ended up throwing up blood in part because I was a bit sea-sick and also didn't have much to eat that morning. This gave me a traumatizing experience that kept me from drinking coffee again until December of 2009 when I decided to try some again at work because I was tired and really needed a pick me up. Something that wasn't Red Bull. Suddenly I started liking coffee and now I have it almost every day.