Cool or Funny Usernames

From SusoSight

One night I was doing some after hours maintenance with a colleague (Ben) and as I closed off an e-mail he noticed that Tom Hanks username would be 'thanks'. So I decided to make this page of other humorous usernames that I've encountered over the years (yes really). Maybe this will help a few people consider what they name their kids in the future.

Most of these are based on what comes up with common username creation practices such as taking the first letter of the first name and the last name.

  • thanks - Tom Hanks (Didn't really see this anywhere, but it could happen)
  • chickman - Craig Hickman
  • sfear (sounds like sphere) - Sean Fear
  • slutz - Sharron Lutz. I suggested we use her middle initial as well.
  • csharp - Chris Sharp, would be nice for a musician or a C# programmer.
  • madcock - M. Adcock.
  • today - Tom O'Day
  • ahacker - Albert Hacker (On noes, there's ahacker on our system)
  • cli - Connie Li (same abbrev. as Command Line Interface, need to hook her up with Albert)
  • awang - Amos Wang