Don't be a pack rat. You'll never use that stuff.

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Don't be a pack rat. You'll never use that stuff.
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Date created: 2002-05-22 18:16:55
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Over the past few days we've been cleaning up and reorganizing our apartment so that, well, it's nicer to live there. One of the things I've been doing is throwing away a lot of stuff that I've kept around for years and will never end up using. Being a pack rat basically ends up being a waste of time and space. You save things as souvineurs, documentation, boxes for appliances, computer parts, wires, old school papers and so on. In the end, the sourvineurs become worthless and stupid, the documentation was never needed, the appliances that you keep the boxes around for never seem to break until you throw the box away, computers become obsolete and so do the spare parts you keep around, wires will magically tangle themselves up (maybe it has something to do with magnetism) and you'll never end up reading your old school notes or papers anyways, even your children won't. I noticed a comment on one of my papers about run on sentences though. ;-) So just chuck it. Get rid of it, don't be a pack rat, you'll save time, money and your reputation.