Go ahead and waste it all.

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Go ahead and waste it all.
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Date created: 2001-07-25 05:10:47
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This is the thought that originally made me want to create this thought database.

A few weeks ago I was driving back from my parent's house in the evening. It was one of those evenings when the sun takes a long time to set and is very orange. You can see it as a three dimensional ball that seems so close, yet it is so far. If I were to drive to the sun it would take 176 years yet when it sets on the horizon it seems as though you could reach out and touch it. We're not the only celestrial body affected by it's power. Thinking such a thought makes me realize just how insignificant we are in the cosmic scale. It wouldn't matter if we completely screwed this planet up because nobody would notice. Like Carl Sagan once said, "billions and billions". Actually it's more like quintillions, anyways if we're that insignificant, then we should just do things in a way that makes us comfortable, who cares about what we destroy, kill or waste in the process of making us feel like the good little people we want to be. After all, only the feelings of the living matter. You know what, why should I care about even telling you this.....