High cost is still high cost

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High cost is still high cost
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Date created: 2003-04-10 16:54:33
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About a month ago I received a call from a company that wanted my current information to put in a high school directory of alumni. After giving my updated information, he offered to sell my the alumni directory for something outrageous like $79.95. I told him that it wasn't worth that much to me. He then tried to hook me by saying that I could make 3 easy payments of $26.65. I told him that making payments doesn't change the fact that it costs to much to begin with.

Along with my thought about convience in purchases, you have to also consider the worth of what you're buying. Businesses have become clever over the centuries about making you believe that something is a good deal when in fact it is not. A lot of times you pay to much because the product is in limited demand and you're one of the ones who wants it. Take for instance, on Dish Network they where advertising that you could watch 42 games of the South African Pro Cricket World Finals for only $299. Only? That's a lot to pay for watching cricket. But if you're someone who is really into cricket, you might think that it's a necessary tax for living.