How to avoid tickets.

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How to avoid tickets.
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Date created: 2002-07-08 18:13:08
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In America, the police commonly pull people over for overspeeding. A lot of the time you'll be driving at the same speed as everyone else around you, and the cop just happens to pick you out of the group to scare the rest of them into slowing down.

I have found in my 11 years of driving that a cop is more likely to pull you over if you look at him or in his direction or if you slow down a lot while he is clocking your speed. One's natural tendency when they see a cop is to look at them to see if they notice you speeding. But what will the accomplish, he's going to pull you over at his discression. So what I do now is whenever I see a cop passing by or one that is waiting on the side of the road, I don't even look in his direction. If I choose to slow down, I only do so marginally. If I'm only going 5mph over the limit, I don't slow down at all, if I'm going 10 mph over, I slow down to about 5mph over, but slowly.

Why is this? You might say that if a police officer sees you acting worried about your situation, they view it as a challenge or a sign that you are not in complete control of your car. Or that you're just expecting that a cop might pull you over and you're looking out for that. But if you just act normal they will see that you're in control and that you are perhaps used to and comfortable driving at that speed.

Use this method at your discresion though. It obviously might not work in all situations or parts of the country.