Learning two simular things at once == bad

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Learning two simular things at once == bad
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Date created: 2001-10-17 16:20:37
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I don't know how many times in my life a book, teacher or some form of media has imposed a set of simular items to learn that are either opposites or very closely related. For instance, I'm taking a class in Russian and there are several new sets of words that we learn like the words for "This" and "That". The words for the names of the seasons and directions on a compass.

Since we usually learn all of them at once and nearly interchangably, we continue to confuse which word means what for a long time thereafter. Luckily with the seasons, I found that I could remember the word for summer easily because we had learned that one on it's own earlier in the semester. But the confusion of the other seasons will no doubtedly go on for a long time.

So humanity has been learning about things for centuries, but somehow we haven't figured out that learning simular items at the same time is a bad thing and will lead to confusion for life.