Life is great! (was: It's a wonderful life)

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Life is great! (was: It's a wonderful life)
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Date created: 2002-01-02 15:51:28
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Life is far better than the alternative (not existing at all). Just think of all the things that you are capible of doing that you couldn't do without living. Driving a car? That car wouldn't go anywhere without someone to push on the gas pedal. Just think if Thomas Edison didn't have a life. For those of you who think that someone else would have come along and invented the light bulb, I have a one way ticket back to the 17th century for you. People like Edison represent the small portion of the population that do something with their existance.

Most other people fail to realize their significance and how much their lives could have an impact. Those are the people who choose to do nothing and be content with it. If the population of the world were an oscilloscope, they would be the flatliners.

So I say, choose to do something with your existance besides the daily routine that everyone else follows. See what power you really have in this world. THink about your existance compared to the grand scale of the world. Is your life significant?