List of adverb forms of numbers

From SusoSight

I had a dream last night that some Hindu man was asking me for the subverb forms of numbers. I don't know what a subverb is, he (or my brain) meant the cardinal adverb forms. The English language apparently has never had a need for anything more than thrice. I've heard of Quince as a possibility, but its not official. So here it is, a list of cardinal adverbs from 1 to 10.

Number Cardinal Adverb
1 Once
2 Twice
3 Thrice
4 Quance
5 Quintce
6 Hexonce
7 Seponce
8 Octonce
9 Nonce
10 Deconce

Note that from 6 to 10 I just put the numeric prefix before the word once. So the 8th form is Oct + once. Some are shortended like Nonce.