Lost friends

From SusoSight

There are some people who I (Mark Krenz) have lost touch with over the years and would like to get in touch with them again. Matt Liggett has a similar page on his website where the idea was that someone would eventually search for someone on this list on the web and find this page. If you are one of the people below or know them and have current contact information for them, please let me know as I'd like to get in touch with these people again. You can contact me at suso@suso.org.

From Warsaw, Indiana

  • Rob Payton

From Glassmen

  • Matt Haddin

From Morehead State University

  • Elmer White
  • Kelly Napier

From Indiana University or Bloomington, Indiana

  • Elizabeth Vieux
  • Dave Ross


  • Chad Study
  • Nat Dobas
  • Benling Cai