Mostly what you pay for today is convience

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Mostly what you pay for today is convience
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Date created: 2003-03-14 23:00:39
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I receive this e-mail every weekday called "History Daily". In it, the writer tells about an interesting historical fact that happened on that day in history. Recently the writer has been trying to promote his premium service, which is $10 annually, by putting a catch paragraph in the e-mail. What's good about it is that he talks about what he would have sent you if you had the premium version. Something like this:

"If you had the Premium Version you would read about the time the U.S. Army accidentally dropped a nuclear bomb on Florence, South Carolina. Yes, this is a true story. You would also read about the influenza outbreak that killed twenty-two million people."

Well, thanks for telling me what you would have talked about because now I can just type in "U.S. Army accidentally dropped a nuclear bomb on Florence" into and find websites that talk about it in quite a bit of detail. This made me think about how much that we pay for is mainly a convience fee. A lot of things that we buy everyday we are buying for the convience of it.

Some of those products or services it is obvious that the convience is important. I mean how many people would make their own milk because they thought it would save them money. But take for instance this premium History Daily service. It is pretty much convience when he tells me what it's going to be about. It is far more cost effective for me to just look it up myself.