Movies are about entertainment.

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Movies are about entertainment.
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Date created: 2003-04-07 15:15:59
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I think some people have forgotten that movies are about fun. I just read a comment on for the 1983 movie Strange Brew. This is what the person says:

"Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas are a poor man's Laurel and Hardy in this awful 1983 comedy, which is so moronic and irritating that even its few good parts (like the epilogue) don't seem to matter much. The plotting is extremely lame, and, unfortunately, there are no laughs to help us forgive the movie's other failures. (*1/2)"

Wow! I saw strange brew when I was about nine years old and I don't remember it being all that bad. It's supposed to be silly goofy movie. That's the way in which it is entertaining. But this reviewer talks about it as if he was being tourtured with fire and wading through a pool of sludge while watching it.

I hear the same thing from other people when commenting on movies that where meant to be moronic. But yet these pour sourpuss people seem to find their way into the theaters and video stores to watch these movies.