My online experience

From SusoSight

Just wanted to write out all my history of online access.

1982 - My 2nd Grade class, we read a story about a family that lived in the future. The boy in the story needed to visit the doctor and did so using a video phone, then later the family went to visit a store in person, which everyone in the story thought was strange because most people didn't go to stores anymore.

1989 - My first time logging in. My friend Eric loans me a 300 baud modem for my Commodore 64, which I used to call one of the local BBSes. Too slow for anything useful.

1990 - My dad buys a 2400 baud modem for our Amiga 2000. Use it to access many BBSes both local and around the country. 1991 - My friend Chad and I setup a BBS of our own for Amiga users, called Amiga Online. It runs for about a year before I logged in

1993, May - I visit my friend Michael at Indiana University, where he shows me his Internet access from campus, pine e-mail and websites through lynx. The campus labs at the time were probably 10mbit ethernet.

1994, August - I move into a dorm at Morehead State University and hook up my Amiga to the campus network using a 9600 baud serial connection. A little box that I think was a multiplexer is in each person's room who wants to connect, you can use SLIP if you want something similar to PPP type access.

1996 - Moved to Bloomington to attend IU into a house with Michael (above) and had my own phone line and 28.8k baud modem access to IU. After August 1997, this actually ends up being the last time I use a modem for general access, as after that I had broadband in one form or another.

1997 March - Discover Linux. Start trying to setup a machine to use it.

1997 May - Get job doing tech support at local Bloomington ISP.

1997 August - Move into dorm at IU and hook my computers up to the campus ethernet where I get 100Mbit on the lan and about 6mbit/sec access to the net.

1997 October - Setup first Suso server in my dorm room.

1999 August - Move out of the dorm and into an apartment downtown across the street from the ISP I work for. Set up a 3mbit/sec pro wireless setup for access for Suso webhosting and my own access.

2002 December - Move into our own house with DSL access through Smithville at 1.5Mbit/sec down/786 up

January 8th, 2010 - Fiber to the home through Smithville Digital. 20Mbit/sec down and 4mbit/sec up.