No matter how you look at it, computers are not easy.

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No matter how you look at it, computers are not easy.
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Date created: 2002-05-17 14:48:09
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The single biggest mistake every made by the computer industry is to tell or imply to people that computers would be easy and would make life easier. That is anything but the truth. Face it folks, computers are complex machines that require at least a repectable level or learning to do anything productive with. It doesn't matter how long we wait for new technologies and better software, by their very nature, computers will require you to LEARN how to use them.

When I say that computers will not be easy that can mean one of two things. Either they will not be easy for your brain or they will not be easy for your emotions. Learning to use Linux, Unix or any advanced operating system will be harder for your brain, but will be easier on your emotions because it will crash less, make more sense and do more. Operating Systems like Windows or MacOS (to a lesser extent) will be harder on your emotions because of all the crazy problems related to windows like random crashes, stupidities in the interface and it generally being a piece of crap.

The difficulty of computer hardware seems to be inversly proportional to how much it costs. This is not always true. But usually when you buy a higher quality product from a reputible brand with a proven track record, you will have much better results than something that is even 10% cheaper. Marina tells me that in Uzbekistan they have a saying "The greedy person pays twice".