Not all Americans are dumb.

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Not all Americans are dumb.
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Date created: 2003-07-23 14:07:38
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Last night on The Tonight Show (Jay Leno), they had a segment where Jay would interview people who were visiting Universal Studios Theme Park in Florida. His idea was to show that people on vacation didn't really now the names or locations of the more classic family vacation spots like Mount Rushmore (North Dakota), The Parthenon (Greece), The Sphinx (Egypt) and the Gateway Arch (St Louis. Actually it's officially called the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial). Many of the people who he intervied didn't know the name of the monument or the location. But most of them recognized the obvious ones.

To give those people some credit, this was TV. They were on TV and on vacation. Probably a lot of people aren't exercising their brain much when on vacation. Also, he was interviewing people who go to Universal Studios Theme Park, which means that he only was picking from a certain population. Namely, the kind of population that does not care about the classic monuments like Mount Rushmore, but cares more about more visible and exciting entertainment. Unfortunately, that's a majority of the American population.

But there are lots of Americans out there who do know the names of all those monuments and have even been to most of them. But of course interviewing those people wouldn't have been as entertaining for those watching TV.

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