Not just minimalistic art and music, but society too.

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Not just minimalistic art and music, but society too.
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Date created: 2003-08-11 19:15:27
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When I started listening to minimalist music back in the mid-90s. I witnessed a lot of critism of the music from people who thought that it was just too repetitive and boring. They didn't like it. They wanted to know where the words were, etc.

Have those people ever stopped to look around at our society and how repetitive it is? How many songs are out there about love, broken hearts, girlfriends and boyfriends. An infinate amount. They are all the same. They may have a different beat, melody or words, but the themes are all the same. The same theme, over and over and over. Repition on a gradios scale. Where are the songs about office workers, computers geeks, ham radio operators or astronauts.

I was in a game store yesterday and was looking through all the titles for something interesting. Hundreds of first person 3d shooter games. All with simular themes. Many archaic fantasy RPG games, strategy games, etc. All the same. All boring. The same old same old. When I find something truely different, it's in the bargin bin because it had bad marketing and wasn't appealing to the mass audience who wants shoot-em up games. What different games am I talking about. How about "Trainz", "Factory Tycoon" or "American McGee's Alice". Now there is some originality. Back in the early 90s there was a game called "The Incredible Machine" put out by Sierra that was fun, creative and somewhat educational. What happened to these games? I want to see some originality. It doesn't even have to be good content, just something original. How about a game where you take on logging companies. Or how about a shoplifting game where you go into stores, steal stuff and try to make distractions so that you can get away with more. Or how about a game where you buy and sell stuff in the newspaper or on ebay, etc.

Another minimalistic thing is housing developments. How can people stand to live in these modern housing developments where all the houses are the same color. Talk about repition. So boring and impossible to give directions. I want houses in the shape of a cylinder or sphere.