Protesting is not the only way.

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Protesting is not the only way.
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Date created: 2003-04-16 15:40:54
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Voting results: Protesting: 0

Taking a political office: 4
Sabotage: 2
Getting in the way: 0
Assassination: 4
Bribery: 1
Mass media campaign: 1

Yesterday I was going to the post office to pick up my mail and I was welcomed by a horde of Liberitarian protestors waving signs saying things like "Repeal Income Tax" and "Stop Tax Waste".

Now I don't necessarily agree with these people's ideas because I think income tax is a necessary evil in order to make a lot of this country (and other countries) work the way they do. But that's not what this thought is about. What I get tired of is seeing only protesting and picketing. Why don't these people take it a few steps further.

People who have these strong viewpoints need to try to run for office, build an official representation of their viewpoint and try to force their viewpoint on others. This goes for the war protesters as well. All those people laying in the streets and getting pelted with tear gas and rubber bullets made little difference in the mind of the president. At least it seems that way.

If these war protestors really wanted to stop the war, they should have tried to stop it with much more drastic action. For instance, rallying right on army bases and sabotaging military equipment that our taxes pay for. Flying to Baghdad and letting the US know that if they bomb Iraq they will be killing their own citizens. Starting a mass media campaign to sway the opinion of the majority of citizens. I'm actually very surprised that nobody has tried to assassinate President Bush since he took office. What way do you think works best to make political or social change?