Recording mediums that haven't been used for digital storage

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This page intends to identify recording mediums throughout history that have been used for recording audio, video or still images but haven't been used for computer/digital data storage. There are many ones that I'm sure have been used but might be of surprise, for instance, there are some digital VHS VCRs that have been commercially produced. I've even heard of people putting digital information on a vinyl record, but that's unconfirmed.

The hope of this page is to explore the various formats used throughout history and possibly exploit more of them.

How this page works

In the Recording Mediums section are different categories of recording types that specific formats and mediums fall into. If you find an instance of this medium being used, please cite a reliable reference, move the medium down to the Hall of Fame section and add a description for it.

If you want to add a medium for challenge to the list of recording mediums, go right ahead, just do a little research first to see if you can find an instance of it. And put it in the right category or create a new one.

What qualifies as digital storage

  • Digital file format of some kind. For instance, digital audio or video like that on a CD doesn't necessarily count. I want something that has been used to store arbitrary files.

Recording Mediums


  • Wire Recording
  • 8-track cartridge

Optical disc

  • Laserdisc

Physical groove

  • Vinyl record (no confirmation that its been done)
  • Wax cylinder - My friend Dosman (of packetsniffers fame) was talking about doing this
  • Dictabelt

Hall of Fame

The following is a list of recording mediums that were listed above, but we have found or made instances of them.