Setting your keyboard repeat rate under X.

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Setting your keyboard repeat rate under X.
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Date created: 2001-12-07 15:28:42
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This may sound a little naive, but after 5 years of using Linux I've finally learned how to set the keyboard repeat rate higher than 30 and delay lower than 250. It was simply a matter of using the xset command. All this time I thought that it was a BIOS limitation because whenever you use programs like kbdrate (console rate setting program) it would not let you set it higher than 30. The Gnome control panel is worthless for setting it higher because it doesn't change your settings. At least not for me. It doesn't even set it for gnome type programs. This desparately needs to be fixed. Just so that I don't leave the rest of you out in the cold. The command for setting the repeat rate under X is like this:

$ xset r rate 200 60

I find 200ms delay and 60 cps repeat to be much more comfortable and 250 and 30. The little cursor just wasn't going fast enough for me before. Note that xset will only set the rate under X windows, not for the console.