From SusoSight

This is a program I wrote the week before Indiana Linux Fest 2012 for my @climagic presentation. It allows you to pass textfile filenames as arguments and then display the files in slideshow fashion in the terminal emulator window with various transitions (wipes) in between them. It is currently written in Perl and doesn't require any special libraries to run.

You will probably want to run it locally because it an consume a fair amount of bandwidth to perform some of transitions.




Just made the program executable and if you want, put it somewhere in your path.

chmod a+x shellshow


I'd recommend using a terminal with white text on black non-transparent background for using the fadeout/fadein transition.

./shellshow file1 file2 file3 file4 ....

Once started, use one of the following keys to move between the frames in various ways:

  • SPACE, ENTER = Forward, full frame slide transition
  • BACKSPACE, 'b' = Backward, full frame slide transition
  • l = Forward, slide line by line transition
  • k = Backward, slide line by line transition
  • f = Forward, fade out/in
  • d = Backward, fade out/in


If you use this script, I'd be curious to know for what and how it went. You can e-mail me at deltaray#slugbug#org. Thanks.

Future Plans

I'll probably rewrite this in C and make it easier for other developers to jump in and make transitions/wipes of their own.