Some words of wisdom from Steven Lisberger

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Some words of wisdom from Steven Lisberger
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Steven Lisberger is the father of the movie Tron released back in 1982. A recent article popped up on Ain't it Cool News about Tron 2.0 and had an interview with Lisberger. He responded to a question with some deep lying wisdom that I think everyone can learn from even if they aren't interested in Tron, video games or whatever:

I have a 16-year-old son. I did everything I could to take the power away from the games, but never his access to the games. I read him a lot of really horrific Greek and Roman stories and mythology, just so he would know that video games weren�t really the ones to invent all of this horror. If you can put it in a historical perspective, then it has less impact. The problem with the �60s was that we were being told that we were as far out as anyone had ever been, and the adults couldn�t deal with it because it was just not true. In the 1890s, the people in that generation, the missionary generation, they had gone through all this utopia and had gotten equally far out, or even more far out. If some adult was smart enough to say, �This has all been done before,� it would have taken some of the wind out of our sails, which would have been good. Instead, adults acted befuddled. The worst attitude is the �I just can�t believe it� or �These kids today, why can�t they be perfect like we were?� It�s the job of the adults to just put it in perspective, and the kids are actually really good about that.