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Date created: 2002-05-07 14:35:11
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What a great movie. I think what impressed me the most is that it followed the storyline of the comic book so well. At the same time, the movie was able to take a few creative freedoms of it's own.

Has anyone else noticed lately how more and more movies that would normally have flopped ten years ago are now box office smashers? Take a few movies that were done within the last ten years. The Punisher, Captain America, Dungeons and Dragons(Kinda a stupid idea for a movie to begin with) and many others. Doomed to be failures because the people making them and funding them didn't have enough confidence that there was a market for such films. Well lately, I think we've been finding out just how much of a market there is. Harry Potter, which be all standards could have been a complete failure just five years ago, broke a record for weekend box office sales. And now, Spider-man beats that record. And it looks like "Hulk" could actually be good. What were those movie producers thinking before?