Stop paying gratuity!!

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Stop paying gratuity!!
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Date created: 2001-09-10 14:59:47
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Tipping is an old tradition that has been around for far to long. In the past it was seen as a way of providing feedback to the server (whether it be in resturant, taxi or hair salon) and compliment them on the good job that they are doing. Nowadays, it has been abused into a tradition that is expected by the employee. This is simply the wrong way to view tips because then when the employee does not receive one, they feel like it's the customers fault. Far too often I have heard friends or acquintences complain about jerk customers that don't leave them tips. Perhaps the customer is trying to say something about their service?

So we wind up with this game of repeat customers giving low tips and their servers continuing to give bad service because they think that those customers are going to give low tips no matter what. This is an endless cycle that should only be broken by the server doing their job properly. Thus restoring the faith in the customer.

Besides that, a tip, whether it be high or low, unexpected or not, does nothing to say "what" went right or wrong with the service. I think to many customers stoop to saying something like "I'll just give that server a lower tip because their service sucks" instead of voicing their complaints directly to their server or the manager and thus attempting to directly improve service.