Sub atomic signatures from civilizations before the beginning of this universe

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Sub atomic signatures from civilizations before the beginning of this universe
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People often speculate what may have happened before the big bang, was there another universe before that with people just like us in it? How far did they go, did they stay around long enough to see their universe collapse? It would be unthinkable to believe that they could somehow escape the collapse of the universe or leave something behind for us to determine that they existed.

Or is there? Currently scientists are trying to determine whether our universe is going to eventually collapse in on itself or expand until everything evaporates in 10100 years. If our universe will collapse on itself, then it points to a highly likely probability that another big bang will happen and that a universe did exist before ours.

The force of the universe collapsing on itself and the time required to do so would no doubt destroy any kind of artificial object that we could ever create. Even the structure of atoms, protons and neutrons is said to have been non-existant at the point of the big bang. Only a leptons and muons.

But in the next couple centuries, it maybe be possible for us to create a sub atomic signature that lasts the billions of years necessary to last through the next big bang and far into the next universe. If possible this could mean that a civilization from the previous universe also left such a sub-atomic signature.