Synchronicity log of other people

From SusoSight

This is a log of Synchronicity moments that other people have shared with me. I added the scores based on what I knew of the moment.


  • April 17th 9:49pm EST (from the picture timestamp) - My daughter and I were up in Ft. Wayne visiting my mom and in the hotel, we both got on an elevator and another woman was there. Adela went over to touch a button on the elevator and I said "Adela don't touch it" and the woman gave me a strange look and said "My name is Adela too". Adela is a very rare name these days, it doesn't even show up in Social Security statistics. Below the top 1000 girl's names since 1957 according to the social security database. It is more popular in Germany and Central and South America. The woman we met was just white caucasian and from Michigan, about 50 years old. She said she had never met another Adela either which gives some idea of the rarity and potential frequency. So the potential frequency is a 9, who knows if it was the first time for anyone.

[score: Timing: 9, Role: 6, Rarity: 9, Frequency: 9 = 8.25]


  • December 27th - My family was eating at the Penn Station on Indiana Avenue in Bloomington and I overheard one of the workers there talking to his manager about how he has lots of synchronous moments with thinking of a song and then its the next one of the radio or a TV show or movie and then its playing when he turns it on.