The Architect was always watching (The Matrix)

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The Architect was always watching (The Matrix)
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Date created: 2003-06-10 18:46:41
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After watching the Matrix Reloaded, I was compelled to go back and watch the original. I realized just how much the Wachowski Brothers must have been thinking ahead.

If you watch the scene where the Agents take Neo into their office to interogate him after capturing him in the Metacortex offices, you will notice that their lead into the scene by showing several TVs showing several Neos in the same room sitting at the same table. They are in fact, the same TVs that are in the Architect's room in the Matrix Reloaded during the Architect's scene. Given the fact that the Architect's scene shows that the Architect does watch over Neo we can conclude that this scene in "The Matrix" implies that the Wachowski Brothers knew during the making of the first movie, at least the plot of the second one.

So it wasn't all just "thrown together" and "without plot" as a lot of people commenting about the sequel seem to think. There is definate thought process going on.

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