The truth about time travel

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The truth about time travel
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Date created: 2002-03-11 17:02:39
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I've put off posting these thoughts about time for far too long. There were initially brought on after seeing a trailer for the new remake of "The Time Machine".

All to often in movies, stories, comics and games. Time travel is portrayed to be a form of transport in which you remain in the same spot in the time that you arrive in. In other words, say you were in a time machine that was supposed to remain stationary as it transports you through or to a new time. In movies, they always show the time machine ending up in the same place in the new time. If time travel were possible, this wouldn't happen because the earth rotates, revolves around the sun and our sun moves through the galaxy, which also moves through the universe. So if your universal coordinates where the same in the new time, you would end up in space somewhere depending on how far into the past or future you traveled. If you traveled only a few hours, you might end up at the center or the earth or up in the sky.

Time travel is often seen as a function of speed. In "Back to the Future" the Delorean had to go 88 miles per hour before it could reach it's time travel velocity. The Star Trek series often claimed that time travel is possible by slingshotting around the sun and going faster than warp 10. In the latest remake of "The Time Machine". We see these big wing/propeller like objects that have to turn really fast. Why do people think that you need to go really fast to travel through time. Perhaps it would be more logical to assume that slowing yourself down would do the trick.

Another conclution that people come to is that time travel most not be possible ever because we have never been visited in the real world by people from the future or past. It's arrogant and selfish to think that people traveling from the future or past would just come right out and announce themselves to the world or that they would come to visit you or me. If anything, they would probably just observe or talk to a few people who have kept quiet. Or maybe they did travel through time, but ended up in space as described above.