Things do get better.

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Things do get better.
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Date created: 2002-04-29 16:03:29
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I grew up in a small town of about ten thousand people. I remember when I was younger and we'd go watch a movie in the local theater, we were at a much greater risk of someone else's stupidity. You see, whenever someone would leave their car 's headlights on out in the parking lot. The manager of the movie theater would actually shut off the movie in the middle of it and announce that a brown ford station wagon with licence plate number 43F4351 left their lights on. Could you imagine if the theaters still did things like that? I'd imagine that some people would get their ass kicked when they stood up to go out and shut their lights off. I wish I remembered how other people in the theater reacted to stuff like that. I just kind of accepted it at the time. You have to admire that the employees of the movie theater actually cared that much for their customers. I think nowadays everyone would immediately go to the manager's room after the movie was over and ask for a refund.

But looking back on those times, you can think that there is hope for all the other small problems in the world. Things can become better.