Those god damn ice cream brothers.

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Those god damn ice cream brothers
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Date created: 2001-07-20 03:50:41
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[At the risk of sounding like Andy Rooney.]

I can't believe how many people go to Ben and Jerry's despite all their marketing hoolaho. I think that the reason they put all the cows all over their cups and signs is to represent the attitude of the people who hand their money over to them... Tonight, I leaned over to Marina and asked her if she wanted something sweet to eat. We decided to walk down on Kirkwood Ave. to one of the ice cream places since my car is in the shop right now. Anyways, we decided to go to Ben and Jerry's instead of Jiffy Treat because Marina wanted a smoothie. The first thing that they tell us is that they don't have the proper juice to make a smoothie. Then the girl at the counter offers us something else and after we go through the process of tasting different ice creams she tells us that she can't make the one that she recommended because they are out of something else that they need. By this time there are people piling up behind us talking about wanting a smoothie as well.

I order a coffee, coffee, buzz, buzz, buzz milk shake and low and behold they didn't have any milk left. Actually they did, but only skim milk. Arggh! What's up with this place, if they are going to rip everyone off by charging astronomical prices for ice cream, they better *always* have what I want. Anyways, my milkshake sucked (I make much better ones on my own) and Marina said that what she bought tasted weird. I told her to remind me never to go in there again and if we do, I'll just give them $10 and ask for a glass of water because that would have been more refreshing.