A Tale of Racism

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A Tale of Racism
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Date created: 2005-09-01 14:43:06
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These pictures where in sequence on Yahoo News photo gallery. They are in reference to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans. <IMG SRC="/mediafiles/01_driving_away.jpg"> Caption: "People ride out of town on a highway in a postal vehicle after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, Louisiana. Police chased armed gangs roaming the darkened streets of New Orleans where a climate of fear increased after two days of looting.(AFP/Getty Images/Mario Tama)"

Suso's commentary: They probably would have prefered a Diet Pepsi truck, but you make do with what you can find after hard times like this.

<IMG SRC="/mediafiles/02_bush_looks_out_window.jpg"> Caption: "U.S. President George W. Bush peers out the cabin window of Air Force One as he surveys the damage along the Gulf Coast states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, August 31, 2005 after Hurrice Katrina hit..." Bush thinking: "What are those evil doers doing down there. It doesn't look like they're delivering the mail."

<IMG SRC="/mediafiles/03_racism_after_emergency.jpg"> Caption: "People who used a mail truck to escape the flooded areas of New Orleans East are forced to lie on the highway by Texas game wardens August 31, 2005. The people were freed but forced to continue on foot. REUTERS/Rick Wilking"

Now I'm not calling this a conspiracy. But with all the "civilized people" that aren't even involved in the disaster saying things in the media like "Those people who are looting shouldn't be doing that in time of emergency", people not affected by the emergency are just as much to blame when a truck full of hurricane victums try to make their way to safety using any means they can in a dire emergency.

I'll bet that if that would have been a truck full of white people, they would have been greeted and helped out of the truck kindly and taken by car to the next town, making for a nice heart warming story for the evening news.

But instead, they were forced to the ground, nearly arrested and told to endure the Texas heat on foot after enduring one of the largest natural disasters in history.