Disco is to 80s music as electronica is to ???

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Disco is to 80s music as electronica is to ???
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Date created: 2003-02-04 22:21:05
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The end of disco music in the early 80s is often described to as a very sudden shift. As if people just decided that disco wasn't the right thing anymore. The day disco died. Listening to electronica(Rave, techno, IDM, Drum and Bass, etc) recently at a dance bar made me wonder if the same event will happen. Perhaps it is not that the music is no longer good or that people don't appretiate it. It could be that there becomes a point when all the ideas of the music create a catalyst moment and people see the next "sound" will be and from that point on, know that there is something better.

Technically, electronica is much more sophisticated than disco music ever was and I can't imagine some songs just being thrown away withing any further appretiation for their musical value. On the other hand, maybe there are two factions to music and they compete with each other for popularity. On the one hand there is the repetitive percusive-electro sound and on the other there is the sing-songy pop. I don't even know what the question would be for this thought, but now I am able to offer no choices, so there. ;-)