Thanks Freecell solver!

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Thanks Freecell solver!
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Date created: 2002-02-04 20:58:20
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<SARC>Now I don't have to waste so much time trying to have fun while solving games of Freecell. With Freecell solver and a few command line entries, all those free cell games are taken care of. Just think of how much real work you can get done now that you don't have to solve all those games of free cell. Sit back and watch your computer do what it was meant to do, make complicated life easier.</SARC>

Seriously though, maybe this freecell solver is part of some experiment in game solving theory, but that better be the limit. I'd hate to think that someone would waste so much time as to write a program that solves a game. It's just a game after all and it's supposed to be fun. The fun comes from playing it. But all of you should know that.