Tips are bad, point in proof

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Tips are bad, point in proof
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Date created: 2003-06-26 13:46:33
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My original thought on tips can be found [/thought.php?thought_id=14 here]. What happened last night warrants this thought to be rehashed.

Last night four of us went to this somewhat new Korean restaurant in Bloomington, called Koreana. I've been there once before and the food and service was ok. Nevertheless, this place tries to write itself off as a classy place even though the decor and service is nowhere near classy.

My wife realized that one of our appetizers was actually spoiled. She knows how it's supposed to taste so we told them about it. They took it back and brought out something else. But that's wasn't all, her soup seemed to be a day old. I don't think that what I bought was fully cooked, etc. Anyways, when the bill came, I gave him what I thought he deserved, which turned out to be $2 on a $37 bill.

Even though I had completed and signed the bill, we were still sitting at the table when he made the mistake of picking up the bill (I hate it when waiters/waitresses do that). About a minute later, he made the huge mistake of coming back to the table and telling me that it's supposed to be %15 tip. I told him immediately that a tip is optional. He immediately backed off and said something like "Then I don't want it at all". Whatever. We were pretty shocked that he actually came back to the table. Maybe that would be ok in Korea, but I've never seen anything like that here. We pretty much got up and left. When we were driving out of the parking lot, I saw the waiter come out of the resturant and flip us off until we pulled out of the lot. What crazyness.

So my point is, it's obvious that at least this guy didn't realize that I might be trying to tell him that his service sucked. He thought almost immediately that I had done something wrong and proved that by coming over to our table and asking that I give him a bigger tip. People in service positions need to realize that they are doing their job and it's up the customer to indicate whether they are doing it well or doing it poorly.