We really are quite an amazing accomplishment.

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We really are quite an amazing accomplishment.
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Despite what a lot of people think from time to time when we expect more out of human beings. The homo sapien species really is quite an accomplishment.

Think about it. Our closest predecesor could only swing in trees, make grunting and giggly whining noises and eat a lot of bananas. But look all that we have accomplished with a pair of opposible thumbs and language.

Actually, I think language was the biggest winner in this critical stage of evolution that we are in. Even without opposible thumbs, language would have helped us work together to create things we couldn't do before. I think other animals just can't communicate their ideas or even conceptualize things in the way we can.

Probably all animals don't have the mental capacity to realize what humans represent and the fact that humans created the world that they are living in. If a dog walked up to a construction site and saw a bunch of workers putting a house together, I'll bet that the dog can't understand that the humans are putting a house together that will turn into a house like his owner has, etc.

Some people (myself included) from time to time will think that we are wasting time as a species and that don't explore all the possibilities. But I'm starting to think that really, we do quite well for what we represent. There are actually many people in this world who push the envelope of what we can do every day and I think generally all of us work hard and try to make our lives successful.