Where are these spammers?

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Where are these spammers?
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Date created: 2002-06-27 18:11:22
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Every day each of us probably gets man spam messages. Ever wonder where the people who send those messages are now? I do. In our daily lives we each probably receive at least two spam messages. Day after day after day. Some of them come from the same place. But where are these places. Do these spammers hang out together, do they get their information from someplace? Is there some conference that they go to. I think an effort should be made to track down all these spammers and get them to stop. Stop the problem at it's root. I'm reminded of the scene at the end of "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" where they use their film money to buy plane tickets to all the kid's houses who bad mouthed them on the Internet. In the background you can hear the song playing "How many people wanna kick some ass!!"

I long for the day when I see a headline saying "Spammer murdered, assailant gets off scott free.". Ok, maybe I'm getting a little violent here. Do you think so?