Why all the rush?

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Why all the rush
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Date created: 2003-02-10 15:11:30
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I was driving to my parents house this weekend, which made for about a 7 hour round trip. One thing I noticed was that everyone is in such a rush. It seems to me that in the past year or two, everyone's average speed has increased by about 5 miles per hour. I usually drive about 5 miles per hour above the speed limit, but yet the whole trip, I only passed a handful of cars, while everyone else was passing me. Why the rush.

What is interesting to me though is that it seems that once these people get to their destination, they take their time. For instance, on the trip there, we stopped at the Mall to check out a few things. As I was walking through the mall, I repeatedly was held up by several people who were walking very slowly, taking their time, holding everyone up. What is up with that?

Maybe I'm just one of those people that wants to get my shopping done quickly.

How fast do you normally drive?