Why fewer people use freenode

From SusoSight

August 14th, around 11:20pm. My handle is deltaray.

  • <Luke-Jr> deltaray: I use/support OpenVZ ;)
  • <Luke-Jr> not Xen
  • <deltaray> Yeah, but I'm just saying, that's how cautious *I've been about upgrading.
  • <deltaray> 3.0.4 is about 3-4 years old.
  • <donavan> take this train wreck of conversation else where please
  • <deltaray> donavan: why?
  • <donavan> because it is off topic
  • <Luke-Jr> donavan: CentOS usage is off topic in #CentOS?
  • <deltaray> donavan: How? We are all talking about CentOS.
  • <donavan> Luke-Jr: you aren't running centos
  • <Luke-Jr> donavan: I'm not?
  • <deltaray> donavan: I think you haven't read all of the conversation.
  • <pony> Luke-Jr: basically your hosting provider has taken parts of CentOS, built their own OS, and called it CentOS. As such, it can not be supported in here as we have no idea what changes they have made. Seek the support of your hosting vendor and/or the virtual hosting system they use. http://wiki.centos.org/TipsAndTricks/BrokenVserver may be of additional value to you as well.
  • <Luke-Jr> pony: I am the VPS provider. Not the VPS user.
  • <Gerdesas> Luke-Jr: that's not a centos kernel, though.
  • <donavan> deltaray is less out of line
  • <Gerdesas> it's an openvz kernel.
  • <Luke-Jr> I see, so CentOS doesn't support OpenVZ officially.
  • <deltaray> Oh jeez, you're all kidding right?
  • <donavan> but using xen 3.0.4 isn't really using centos either I'm quite certain
  • <Luke-Jr> even Debian supports OpenVZ officially now :/
  • <deltaray> Ok, nazis, we'll leave.
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