Why is humor the premier entertainer?

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Why is humor the premier entertainer?
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Date created: 2001-12-18 14:01:07
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Have you ever been to a party and people where trying to entertain each other with live drama? Neither have I. I was in my math class a few weeks ago and everyone was sitting there before class started trying to crack jokes to pass the time. But that's all they did was crack jokes. Why should humor be our only way of impressing others?

In maintream entertainment I think all forms of emotions are brought out in audiences. We have films, plays and music to make us gleeful, horrified, cry a tear, outraged, laugh out loud, have insight, think differently, want to karate chop everybody and make us say "awwwww". But I think by far comedy seems to shine out over all other genres and mediums. In almost any serious movie, there is a bit of comedy. I can think of hundreds of songs that would make me laugh, but none that would make me want to karate chop everybody. Ok, well maybe there is at least one. ;-)

So does all this instinctive reaction to humor tell us a lot about human expectations? I discovered in my high school theory class that almost 4% of the population of the world doesn't like music. Not can't find some or are prohibited from listening, but simply doesn't like music. I couldn't believe that statistic when I heard it. But, could it be that there is also a group of people who also doesn't enjoy humor? Maybe to make this thought well rounded, I should tell a joke at the end. But it's early and I can't think of one so you'll just have to click yes.