Why is work so hard?

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Why is work so hard?
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Date created: 2002-03-13 05:54:24
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I think most people in America forget what they are at their job for. Today Marina and I went to have some alterations made on her dress and they tried to tell her that she couldn't have certain alterations made on the dress because they wouldn't do them. Now Marina and I were willing to pay to have these alterations made. So why won't they do them, I'm willing to bet it's because they don't want their jobs to be difficult for themselves.

I just bought a car last week and one of the things I need to fix on it is the sunroof. The car is a 1997 Honda Civic LX, which didn't even have an option for a sunroof (or moonroof or whatever). So it must have been a custom jobby done by the original owner of the car. Anyways, the fuse or motor is not working on the sunroof and needs to be fixed. I found out that the local Honda dealship won't fix the problem because it didn't come with the car. They said it as if they were either incapable of fixing the problem or that Honda themselves had told them they couldn't do it. Neither of which I can't believe. Since when does a business not accept real money for some work that they do anyways. It's not like it's too much different than a factory installed sunroof. My guess is again that they simply don't want to bother with it.

This kind of mentality seems to be coming up more frequently. I see a real problem with it in that the business owners end up doing their jobs for themselves instead of for the customer and in the end nobody wins.