Why odd numbered Star Trek movies suck

From SusoSight

I've heard people say a few times that even numbered star trek movies don't suck. Let's look into why the odd numbered ones are less popular. Its actually quite simple really. All the odd numbered Star Treks have major elements of fantasy in them that stretch beyond normal science. Now of course I know that all Star Trek is fiction, but its mostly based on extensions of technology, however the odd numbered movies have major elements of what you'd probably called the paranormal in them.

  • (1) Star Trek: The Motion Picture - A human being merging with a machine at the end was kinda corny
  • (3) Star Trek III: The search for Spock - Deals with resurrection and spiritual elements
  • (5) Star Trek V: God, nuff said. Kinda goes against a lot of Star Trek ideology.
  • (7) Star Trek Generations - More than just some spacial anomaly, the nexus seemed to be a bit to fantasy based.
  • (9) Star Trek Insurrection - Immortality and somehow these humanoids have the power to control time.
  • (11) Star Trek 2009 - Maybe they should call this Star Trek 0.