Why so quickly blame someone else?

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Why so quickly blame someone else?
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Date created: 2001-09-15 14:23:37
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I don't think that I need to rehash through any of the events that took place this week. A few thoughts on it though. I noticed that almost immediately after the crashes were determined to be terrorist attacks that everyone was quick to point their fingers at Osama bin Laden or some other group from the middle east. Not even giving option to any other possibility, let alone the fact that this kind of event could have been caused by a group of Americans. I think that the media, people and government are just so disgusted by this event that they couldn't accept the fact that it was someone from our home soil. I couldn't imagine how people would act if we found out it was one of our own citizens.

If you recall the Oklahoma City Bombing, officials were also quick to point to Serbians as the scapegoat for the disaster, it wasn't until a chance occurance later that they found Timothy McVeigh, the real killer. I don't think a lot of people really disturbed by the Oklahoma City Bombing though as much as what happened this week. The level of shock, sorrow and anger is clouding most people's judgement, including I think the President's.

Even if this does turn out to be caused by Osama bin Laden, I fear that we will make an inevitable mistake by attacking his terrorist group and countries that support him. We may find out that we don't reallize what we are attacking. It could mean that other unrealated terrorist groups find it as an oppurtunity for their own deeds.

I fear what will happen next more than what has already happened.