You can never learn everything and here's why.

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You can never learn everything and here's why.
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Date created: 2002-07-17 19:36:30
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It's simple really. Millions of people, living out their lives, some of them dedicating their whole life to the development of one subject. Creating new concepts and ideas to learn. All the while, history is being made. Sure, not all of it is useful information, but the important stuff is starting to pile up.

I think the point I'm trying to make or explore with this thought is that as time goes on and people are expected to know and learn more and more just to go on with their daily lives, where is the breaking point. Are people going to eventually have to go to 10 years of college and get a masters degree just to get a reputable job? Our lives are already pretty busy and people are expected to know quite a lot compared to say 150-200 years ago when most of the technology around us and the concepts that make it up were not known. As the world grows we start having massive health, psycological and social problems. People get depressed easier, get into debt, are shoved around by cold-hearted corporate execs and get no pat on the back. Where is the breaking point. Can it be prevented?