"Just do it" is more than just a slogan.

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"Just do it" is more than just a slogan.
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Date created: 2002-03-20 23:06:37
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Countless people come up to me and ask "How did you learn what you know about computers". Most often what I tell them is that you just have to start in on something and create a goal for yourself. Many people try so hard to find the all in one learning track and never realize that there isn't one.

It's far more productive to just get started on something (this is where "just do it" comes in) and pick up things as you go. Don't concentrate so much on learning things the right way, your intuition will guide you in that respect. When I started learning about Linux, Apache, bash and system administration I just came up with small projects to work on. They usually would leverage some of my existing knowledge with something new that I wanted to learn about. You'd be suprised how quickly you can pick things up when you are forced to do it bit by bit.