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Date created: 2002-10-21 18:56:26
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While driving around yesterday out in the country I saw one of those signs up on a telephone poll that just says "Jesus" vertically. I think I understand what they are trying to do by putting those signs up. But with all the political candicy signs up in people's lawns and on the side of the road, should that sign maybe read "Jesus for spiritual leader"?

I think that a sign like that would be much better indicative of the times that we live in. So many people now are getting away from religion. The problem is that most christians believe that they are the only right way to salvation (if there even is such a thing).

Back around all that September 11th stuff, I remember hearing some guy on TV say something like "Those guys who hijacked those planes were stupid enough to believe in the Ji-had and that they would go to Alah for their actions.". Well what's wrong with thinking that way. After all, the christians say that killing people is wrong, but yet in the bible is says that it is ok to kill those of another country while fighting for ones own country. Well isn't that convient.

The problem with religion is that it's man made, most of it is setup in a way that forces morallity on people, but yet has loopholes conviently placed to allow people some leway here and there.

If the people of the earth are to have a right to religion, then thus they have a right to believe what they want. But I don't believe in religion, the fact that it is man made is an oxymoron, and to me deserves no respect.

I am however, a moral person because I do see the value and essentialness of morallity in this world. Without it, there would be chaos, which is most likely why lawbooks like the bible and koran, etc. where created.